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Instant Phone Cards. International Calling Cards and Long Distance Phone Cards.


Africa card:

Our shop brings you a wide variety of Cards and provides Automatic Search for the Best calling Rates. Buy a card Online, receive your PIN and make a call from anywhere to any point worldwide.

 Cell prepaid

Prepaid Wireless Recharge Service: AllTel · Boost Mobile · Cingular · STI Mobile · T-Mobile · TracFone · Verizon-Wireless

 VOIP phone

Broadband (VoIP) Phone Service

 SMS call

Send SMS message and get connected!
· Available worldwide
· Both parties receive incoming calls
· Extremely Low Rates

 Web Call

WEB-Call is a feature of Continental card. Connect two phones anywhere in the world.
· Rates are better than regular phone cards
· Same low rates for either directions
· No pin needed to place a call
· No software to download and install
· Easy-to-use phone book
· Accessible from anywhere in the world
NEW! WEB-Call for PDA available!

 PC to phone

Place phone calls from your computer worldwide!
· Extremely low rates are based on call destination, not your location
· No connection fees, no setup fees and no monthly fees
· Simple online management: add funds instantly, view call history
· Download a Softphone for free
· Supports any SIP equipment and hardware

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Phone cards:

 - Africa
 - Arbat
 - AT&T
 - Bizon
 - Cardinal
 - Champion
 - Che
 - Cheap Call
 - CheapStreet
 - Chopin
 - Continental
 - EastWest
 - El Toro
 - EuroMaster
 - EuroTalk
 - Everest
 - Express
 - FastWorld
 - Hello from Belgium
 - Hello from Germany
 - Hello from Italy
 - Hello from Netherlands
 - Hello from UK
 - Jupiter
 - Mariachi
 - Middle East
 - Mozart
 - Partner
 - Penny Boss
 - Royal Call
 - Sahara
 - Saturn
 - Simply
 - StarCall
 - Tiger
 - Tigris
 - TravelGlobe
 - WorldCallback
 - Gift Card