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Partner Programs

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If You think your website attracts customers who would benefit from calling cards, then the Partner Program is perfect for You. We invite You to join our expanding network by becoming a ComFi Partner today and start earning immediately!

We offer two sales methods:

  • Referral Program - place referral links to our shops
  • Own Shop Program - create your own shop on your domain

You may use them simultaneously, but we recommend You to concentrate on one of them.

Overview of Our Affiliate Program

The Referral Program

  • Commission up to 26% from your customers' purchases during 100 days from customer registration
  • A customer is considered to be yours when he/she came to our site through your link and registered.
  • Get An additional bonus up to 16% from your partners sales.

Referral Program Details

Own Shop Program

  • Own create your Own Phone Cards Internet Shop using our easy to setup technology.
  • Commission upto 13% from all purchases on your shop-site(s).
  • Get An additional bonus up to 16% from your partners sales.

Own Shop Details

Payment Options

Online Reporting

You can access all your statistics online using our Reporting System. It is free, easy to use, and requires no downloads. This system allows You not only to monitor the revenue statistics, but also check your links/banners performance detailed statistics.

Benefits of being our Partner

  • High Comission on all successful orders
  • High Conversion Ratios
  • High Retention Index
  • Payments Guaranteed!
  • Real Time statistics online
  • No Merchant Account Necessary
  • You sell - We deliver!
  • No Need to invest in Inventory
  • Unlimited earnings
  • We value our partners and provide reliable services!
  • 24/7 Customers Support
  • Customers receive High Quality Phone Cards, Lowest Rates and the Best Customer Service!

How it Works:

  • Sign up Online
  • Bring Customers
  • Start earning immediately!

Join Partner Program Now

Help and HowTo

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Exports - Other usefull information
  • Geo Targeting - Show banners / HTML for visitors from certain countries.
  • Sendmail - Write a letter to friend

Phone cards:

 - Africa
 - Arbat
 - AT&T
 - Bizon
 - Cardinal
 - Champion
 - Che
 - Cheap Call
 - CheapStreet
 - Chopin
 - Continental
 - EastWest
 - El Toro
 - EuroMaster
 - EuroTalk
 - Everest
 - Express
 - FastWorld
 - Hello from Belgium
 - Hello from Germany
 - Hello from Italy
 - Hello from Netherlands
 - Hello from UK
 - Jupiter
 - Mariachi
 - Middle East
 - Mozart
 - Partner
 - Penny Boss
 - Royal Call
 - Sahara
 - Saturn
 - Simply
 - StarCall
 - Tiger
 - Tigris
 - TravelGlobe
 - WorldCallback
 - Gift Card

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